Opening the Studio

  1. Turn on Lights.
  2. Turn on Glory-Holes.
    1. Turn on the Blue ball-valve for the gas (top left on main gas line to Hole).
    2. Press and hold reset button on Eclipse (top right button) for 6 seconds.
    3. Release button and listen for blower to turn on.
    4. In 30 seconds you should hear a loud “Click” and the Orange light above Hole should turn Green. (If it does not turn green—or turns green briefly and then switches back to orange—note the Error Code on the Eclipse control box. e.g. FA-7, etc.)
  3. Press Button marked “Pipe-Warmer”.
  4. Make sure an Annealer is ON! If not, EMPTY & TURN ON!
    (See Annealer Procedures Pg)
  5. Empty “CLEAR” break-off bins into Cullet Washing Station.
    (Located in Kiln Room)
  6. Empty “DEAD GLASS” bins into dumpster downstairs.
  7. Empty & Refill Block Bucket Water.
  8. CHECK G-HOLES & Pipewarmer are ON.
    (Green light is on.)