Mould Room & Sand-Blaster Safety


  • ALWAYS wear Respirator or Dust Mask when in Blasting Room. Sand blasting media—slag, sand, silicon carbide—can contain produce large quantities of dust. Even though we have an excellent ventilations system, you should always practice safe working habits.
  • Keep Blasting Room door closed AT ALL TIMES!
  • Hearing Protection required when Blasting.


  • ALWAYS wear respirator/dust mask while mould-making! Mould-making refractory contains free or crystalline silica, a known Hazardous Substance, exposure to which can cause silicosis. (See Terms: Crystalline Silica)
  • Clean up Immediately after yourself:
    • Sweep and/or Mop floor.
    • Sponge down Table and Sink THOROUGHLY.
    • Scrape and wipe scale, buckets and mould forms (cottles).


  • Crystalline Silica: also knows as “free” silica, crystalline silica is present in all quarts sand and dirt and it’s “open” crystalline structure causes it to stick to lung tissue when inhaled. Exposure can lead to silicosis—lung fibrosis caused by the inhalation of dust containing silica. The condition is irreversible, chronic and progressive.