How to Charge the Furnace

  1. Press “EZ1” Button ONCE.
    (Profile Icon looks like a “mountain”. This means the Charging Program has started.)
  2. Wait Until Top Temperature (green) Reads: 2250˚F.
  3. Fill Charging Chute & Dump a SINGLE charge.
    • Each charge should consist of 50/50 Nuggets/Recycle Cullet (e.g. 1 shoot Nuggets : 1 shoot Recycle).
  4. WAIT till charge has fully MELTED (20-30 mins).
  5. Repeat Step (3) until glass level is rough 4 inches from crucible sill.
  6. Clean Up! Sweep around Furnace(s), etc.


Pressing the EZ1 Button initiates the Charging Program (or Charging Cycle). Here is what that program does:

  1. Ramp the furnace up to 2250°F (charing temp) as fast as possible (AFAP).
  2. Hold at 2250°F (working temp) for 8 hours.
  3. Ramp the furnace back down to 2050°F AFAP.
  4. Hold at 2050°F.

After the program has completed it will “Hold” at working temperature indefinitely, until the next charging cycle. The EZ1 light will remain illuminated, but that doesn’t mean it’s running the Charging Program. Only when the Profile Icon is illuminated is the controller running the program. After that program has finished running it goes back to holding at operating temperature.

There’s a fairly complicated explanation for this. When we program our controller to run our furnace, we have a couple different options for the final step of the program. We can choose “END/OFF” or “END/HOLD”. With the first option the furnace will turn off, at the end of the program. Obviously, that’s not good. We want our furnace to keep running and providing us with good glass. So, the best option is to END the program and then HOLD at the last temperature that was in the program.

If you look above at the program we use, Step 3 is to return to 2050°F. As soon as the furnace reaches that temperature the program is complete. Over. It has ended. However, because we chose END/HOLD the furnace will automatically hold at that temperature, even though the program is no longer running. Basically the last instruction from the program to the furnace was to HOLD, so it will.