Hot Shop Safety

  • Eye protection must be worn AT ALL TIMES in the Hot Shop. No exceptions!
  • Proper clothing must be worn:
    • Natural fiber clothing (cotton, etc). NO SYNTHETICS.
    • Long pants; no shorts or skirts.
    • No tights/leggings. (They’re usually synthetic.)
    • No opened-toed shoes: sandals, clogs, etc.
    • Leather boots/shoes preferred, with thick soles.
    • No dangly, loose jewelry.
    • Long hair must be kept back.
  • Keep floor clean of broken glass! Broken shards of glass are nearly the sharpest objects on earth, sharper than a surgeon’s scalpel. Broken glass on the floor is a hazard: it is slippery, and can cause someone to lose their footing, and if someone does fall on it they can be seriously cut and injured. There is no excuse for broken glass left on the floor. If you see glass shards immediately use the corn brooms—natural fibres that won’t melt—to sweep them up and toss into the appropriate bin. (Colored glass in DEAD GLASS and clear in CLEAR.)
  • Music must be kept to a reasonable level. You must be able to clearly and safely communicate with your partner(s) and fellow glassworkers.
  • No Headphones/Earbuds.
  • Use Kevlar gloves and face mask to safely put work away
  • ALWAYS wear a DUST MASK when sweeping/vacuuming out Annealers.
  • ALWAYS wear a DUST MASK when emptying CLEAR glass into Recycling bin or disposing of DEAD GLASS in dumpster.
  • Note that all metal equipment and tools can be hot at any time. Test items before touching by holding hand nearby to feel for radiant heat.
  • Burns: If you do get burned do not ignore even the most minor, as they frequently turn out to be worse than they first appear. Basic first aid: run cold water over the burn for at least 5 minutes. If the burn is at all serious go to the health center. If you are burned while working, stop and take care of it! You are more important than the glass.
  • Do not attempt to operate any piece of equipment that you have not been properly trained on.
  • Non-Glass students are NOT ALLOWED to be inside the Hot Shop.

ALWAYS announce yourself when approaching someone working with hot glass.