Blow-Slot Duties


  1. Sweep ENTIRE area around Bench, Gloryhole, and Furnace when done.
    (No broken glass left on floor. Period.)
  2. Remove personal blow pipes/punties from Pipe Warmer and store in your locker.
  3. Put Tools away.
  4. Clean off color marver and remove color from Powder Booth.

Alternate Blow-Slot Duties:

  1. If using Pick-Up Box (Advanced Students Only):
    • Make sure it’s below 200°F before you open/remove work.
    • Place cool/annealed work on corresponding Shelf (B2).
    • Press EZ1 on B2 Controller to send up to holding temp (960°F).
    • Use Up/Down Arrows (↑,↓) on B2 Controller to adjust to desired temp.
    • When finished Press EZ2 to send down/turn off!