Blow-Slot Duties

First Blow-Slot Duties:

  1. Empty “DEAD GLASS” bins into Dumpster outside Sculpture.
  2. Change Block-bucket water for your bench.
  3. Empty Annealer onto corresponding Shelf.
    (Annealer B1 to Shelf marked B1, etc. Do NOT empty if above 200.)
  4. Sweep out broken glass and shards from Annealer.


  1. Sweep area around Bench, Gloryhole, and Furnace when done.
    (No broken glass left on floor. Period.)
  2. Remove personal blow pipes/punties from Pipe Warmer and store in your locker.
  3. Put away Tools.

Alternate Blow-Slot Duties:

  1. If using Pick-Up Box (Advanced Students Only):
    • Make sure it’s below 200°F before you open/remove work.
    • Place cool/annealed work on corresponding Shelf (B2).
    • Press EZ1 on B2 Controller to send up to holding temp (960°F).
    • Use Up/Down Arrows (↑,↓) on B2 Controller to adjust to desired temp.
    • When finished Press EZ2 to send down/turn off!