Closing the Studio

The last blow-slot of the day (regardless of when) is a “Closing” slot.

Closing Procedure:

  1. Press RED button on back of Glory Holes.
    (This turns them OFF).
  2. Press Button marked “PIPE-WARMER” on Pipe-Warmer Controller
    (Button pops out & flame goes off).
  3. Press EZ-2 button on COLOR BOX controller.
    (“EZ2” and Profile Icon should light up.)
  4. Turn Annealer Down:
    • Flip Sign to RED
    • Draw down arrow (↓) on chalkboard square on front of kiln.
    • Note date/time on chalkboard square (so we can track when a kiln was sent down.)
    • Press EZ-2 on controller* for that Annealer (e.g. B-2). (* Located in Kiln Room).
  5. Make sure an Annealer is ready for the next day.
    1. If needed empty an Annealer (if below 200˚F) onto appropriately marked shelf in Classroom. (e.g. Annealer B1 glass goes on shelf marked B1)
    2. Press “EZ-1” to send up the empty and clean Annealer.
  6. Sweep ENTIRE Hot Shop floor THOROUGHLY!
  7. Empty & Refill Block Bucket water.
  8. Glass Tools & Brooms AWAY!