Below is a summary of info on Adhesives for Glass provided by KSU alumnus and cold-worker extraordinaire, Timothy Stover on his recent visiting artist stint at Kent State Glass.

Hxtal NYL-1:

Uses: Glass to glass, metal, wood (wood must be dried and completely sealed).

  • Can be colored with dry pigments.
  • Shelf-life of four years (begins to yellow in bottle)
  • Optically clear
  • After mixing, can be stored for 7 days in freezer to be used.
  • Cures 7 days, or 2 days under warm lamp at approximately 120 degrees


  • Very expensive (but worth the money)
  • Only 4 distributors in USA
  • Must be weighed out precisely for proper curing (two parts)


Uses: Glass to glass, metal, wood

  • Inexpensive
  • Strongest brand is CR Laurences “water clear”
  • Best option is Dow Corning 732 (water clear)
    • Any Dow Corning in 730 series is very good. # corresponds to color.
  • Easy to use
  • Can be cured faster by placing Humidifier near work


  • Messy joints unless you are a plumber and good at clean up
  • Thick joints in comparison to other adhesives.
  • Lovely vinegar smell
  • Sets up in 24 hours, but fragile until 7 days.

Super Glue:

Uses: glue cuts back together on your finger.

Cons: Don’t use it on glass


Uses: waste of time

Cons: Don’t use it on glass (Very Yellow and ugly)

Smells awful.

UV Glues:

Uses: Glass to glass, metal, wood, plastic

  • some optically clear
  • very strong
  • quick cure
  • multiple glues for multiple applications
  • good capillary action for filling cracks
  • quick set time (10- 30 secs), stronger uv light results in faster cure (2-10 min)


  • requires good fitting joints. glue cures in absence of oxygen.
  • best brands are Bohle, CR Laurence, Dymex.
  • not intended to be cold worked after glueing. heat, agitation from grit, and moisture cause delamination


Loctite Impruv 349

  • Easiest to acquire
  • Thick, general purpose glass to glass, glass to metal
  • slight yellowing after 10 years

CR Laurence (need business license)

most are optically clear

601: very hard, great capillary action, thin

701: hard, good capillary action, thin, good for tempered glass

602L: elastic, thin, good for laminating

603T: elastic, thin, very flexible, good for glass to metal or ceramics

604L: very elastic, made for glass to metal

702: very hard, slightly thicker, made for glass to metal in heavy circumstances

703: thick, designed for vertical applications


  • European UV adhesives
  • better quality than Loctite
  • 3 different viscosities

Aerodite 20/20:

  • European “equivalent” to Hxtal NYL-1
  • Designed for aeronautic applications
  • Made in Germany
  • Hard to get in USA


Silicone Based Adhesive

Can be bought at most craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, etc.)

Good for jewelry and SMALL works

Download/print the PDF of this info here.


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