Spectrum Glass Update

The Great News

KSU Glass has been able to secure enough Spectrum Studio Nuggets AT THE OLD PRICE to keep our program running unchanged for the next year!

The Good News

Spectrum is selling off its formula and equipment to another manufacturer so that Spectrum Nuggets will continue to be produced and supply the glass studios around the country. In the meantime Spectrum itself has committed to Nugget production through Sept, and possibly longer.

The Bad News

This will probably mean an increase in price, which will eventually trickle down to student material fees. (Bullseye Glass has already raised their rates by 12% across the board.) However, since KSU Glass was prescient enough to act in time, that eventuality will be delayed as long as possible.

 Other Good News

KSU Glass has acquired thousands of pounds of System 96 cullet, both clear, crystal clear, and a variety of colors. This will enable us to continue to offer larger-scale glass casting to those Seniors and Graduate Students interested in economical, large-scale sculptural glass casting.

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