Glass Resource Links
Company that prints digital overglaze enamel decals for glazed ceramics and glass. These are waterslide transfer decals, comprised of super finely pulverized overglaze enamel translated into Cyan,Magenta,Yellow and Black (CMYK) color space. When fired correctly, they are completely fused, permanent, and will not fade.

These are full color decals, though often clients just want black. Printing BLack decals still requires a combination of all 4 colors. Since this process does not print white, the substrate of white glass or white glazed ceramic acts as the “white.”
YouTube® Channel of how-to videos from a major supplier of cold working supplies for the glass artist. Want to know how to use a reciprolap? Drill holes in glass with a drill press or hand-drill? They’ve got a video for that.
Bullseye’s free video resource provide an introduction to kiln-glass and everything from cutting to cleaning glass to the basics of fusing.

The Finest Hardware System and Adhesives for Hanging, Suspending, Displaying and Wall Mounting Glass Art!


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